Páteo Alfacinha was created in 1981 by Vitor Seijo, a passionate and knowledgeable city of Lisbon, where he built his dream, redeveloping a vacant lot and recovering an area of ​​the city.

Páteo Alfacinha – The Name

The exuberant architectural complex far exceeds the idea of ​​the Páteo de Lisboa, an area surrounded by poor houses. More than Páteo, it's a neighborhood, it's an alley, it's a quelha, it's a square, it's a corner, it's above all a viewpoint, the chosen place of this city's viewpoint, a city born looking at the bar, Cais da Saudade, cove of history. More than Páteo, it's a fair: a frank friendship fair might suit you well.

But this is the right name. Patio in the very intimate and inducible sense of the heart of the house, a place opposite the street, an intimate place of neighborhood, human warmth, simplicity and friendliness. And lettuce, obviously. The term, for those who don't know it, is a kind of green synonym for Lisbon, but it's not just that.

Whatever the origin of the term (mysteries like these will be unraveled!) alfacinha expresses a certain tender and gentle state of mind, it speaks of good people, it is a murmur of “how good it is to be here”, it is reminiscent of golden slopes at dusk , pink mists when the day dawns.

And that's the reason for the name, because that's what Páteo Alfacinha aims to be: an open space, a shadow that shelters cordiality, a time for meeting and coexistence.

Páteo Alfacinha – The location

Rua do Guarda-Jóias is in itself a letter of recommendation. That was where he lived, the servant of the palace, whose loyalty was the very raison d'être of the profession.

It was used by kings and queens to guard the crown's treasures, the emblems of royalty, diadems, scepters, necklaces, coffers with sparkling stones. The jewelry keeper lived here and, once his role disappeared, the name of the place remained.

And here's another possible name for this house: the jewelry box's safe. Because what we want to keep in this place are truly jewels: the jewels of fidelity, loyalty, clear camaraderie, chaste flavor, friendship that lasts, coexistence that is remembered, flames of human feelings that in our restless time give meaning to life.

To store such treasures, what better place than Rua do Guarda Jóias? Difficult place? On the contrary. If you leave Terreiro do Paço and everything is straight - Cais do Sodré, Santos, Alcântara, until you reach Belém. Then turn right and go up the Ajuda sidewalk until very close to the palace. Take Travessa das Florindas and you are on Rua do Guarda-Jóias.

No need to ask; the unmistakable silhouette of Páteo Alfacinha is there before your eyes. It's your house. Please come in.

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